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Best fables from around the world.


Given below are links to some wonderful fables. We keep adding new fables to our site every month. Whether you are looking for entertaining short fables or fables with morals, or simply fables for kids, you’ll find these fable stories will transport you to enchanting lands and introduce you to amazing cultures and beautiful creations of nature.

Best of Fables: Valley of Clouds

Valley of Clouds is a beautiful valley situated in the Central Himalayas of India. Watch a spectacular show by nature in this short time lapse film.

Best of Fables: North Pole

Fable: To the king of the skies was born a daughter so pretty that she gave the Moon a complex. The King raised her in strict discipline as a prim and proper princess, for he had laid many careful plans for her future. But despite his best efforts the pretty princess fell in love with wild dancing. She would put on her emerald dress with flowing ribbons of light and dance her way into the night. Watching her beauty, many a Star fell for her.

As the princess and her admirers grew so did the King’s anguish, for he could not bear to watch a royal princess dance in public. Finally, he put forth a hard choice for the princess – either  marry the Rainbow prince, settle down and give up dancing, or be banished for life to the edge of the Earth. The princess made her choice. To this day, you can often catch her dancing in the skies of the northern hemisphere and see the Stars falling. Not many people have experienced her beauty, but those who have are changed for ever.

Moral: Every choice has it’s tradeoff, but it’s easy to choose if your priorities in life are clear.

Fable by: Nitin Das


Fact: Northern Lights or the aurora is a natural light display in the sky of the arctic regions. The aurora is produced from millions of explosions of magnetic energy. The dancing lights are a form of intense space weather, a result of the atmosphere shielding the Earth against fierce solar particles that would otherwise make our planet unsafe for life. Millions and millions of electrically charged particles in the solar wind wash over Earth and smash into upper atmospheric gases. The energy from each collision is released as photons — particles of light. This causes the particles to glow.

The lights occur frequently between September and October and then occur again between March and April. They are also visible sometimes in the winter.

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Important: We hope these fables will delight you and add to your wisdom. Some of the places and creatures in these fables are under great risk because of the changing climate. However, we hope that their memories will live on for centuries through these fables.

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