Green Movies

Green movies from enchanted lands

Here’s a collection of short green movies on nature and environment. We recommend you watch the green movies in the order in which they are given. After watching a movie you can return to the green movie index page to see the next movie.

Green Movie #1: Seven year old superhero

Request: Movies are a powerful way to spread awareness about nature. Please consider sharing these films in your network. The wisdom in these stories will get lost if they are not shared with the world.

Click to watch other green movies:

Green Movie #2: Dream readers of Amazon

Green Movie #3: Monks vs Mosquitoes

Green Movie #4: Thief

Green Movie #5: Climate change solution

Green Movie #6: Predicting the world’s end

Green Movie #7: Water

Green Movie #8: Peace and Nature

Green Movie #9: Earth Math

*All the above films have been made by Nitin Das

Here’s a link to some other wonderful green movies

Green Movie – Story of Stuff (21 min.)

Green Movie – The Windmill Farmer (5 min)

Green Movie – Nature by numbers (4 min)

Green Movie – Of Forests and Men (7 min)

Green Movies: Movie of the month

We hope you enjoyed watching these green movies. If you know of other green movies we should add to the list please enter the name and link in the comment box below. To watch new green movies and read fables from amazing places, every fortnight - Join us>>

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